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Carbon Cleaning HHO

Why clean your vehicles internals?

As time goes by your vehicle loses a little power, it gets sluggish and will lose a bit of MPG. 

All these factors are down to the engine slowly coking up! Carbon deposits build up in the engine/recirculating system and through to the intake manifold, plugs, valves, injectors, EGR valve, catalytic converter and with Diesels the DPF, and Petrols  the PPF or GPF

Carbon build up is a bi-product left behind from thousands of miles of driving. Carbon also acts like a sponge and traps the fuel particles and restricts the air flow.

Our Carbon Cleaning Machine generates Hydrogen, which burns in the cylinder and cleans/loosens the hard carbon deposits. This is why we always suggest an oil change afterwards to remove any remaining contaminants.

Keeping this as simple as possible, it rejuvenates the whole system. Restoring lost performance and regaining MPG.

The good thing about being an MOT Test Station is that we have to test the vehicle emissions and you'll be surprised at what we see. We can honestly say that by carrying out a carbon Clean, we will all benefit. 


We highly recommend this treatment as part of the 40,000 mile major service.

To see how it works, click on the link above

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