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29/05/2024 - Just a normal busy day.....

10/04/2023 - Workshop layout changes are made. Owen has spoken!!

12/09/2022 - Owen Ofarrell joins RSD as an Apprentice. It's a pleasure to find such an attentive young man..

26/07/2021 - Updated website from RSD.......

23/07/2021 - RSD extends its partnership with Castrol Oils for another 5 years.

22/06/2021 - Our new Halogen Gas Analyser is the prefect accessory for finding very small A/C leaks.

14/09/2020 - Castrol Oils Warranty - Introduction of 12 months warranty, using Castrol Oil.

30/01/2020 - Our new Snap-on Zeus is here. Our commitment to investing carries on. 
25/10/2019 - HHO carbon Cleaning Machine - Our new Hydrogen Generator Machine, cleans the internals of your car of all the horrible carbon deposits. We recommend doing this every 40k miles.
09/09/2019 - Denso A/C Machine for the new A/C  Gas. We are now available to recharge or fix your Air Conditioning. Both Freon r134 and HFO r1234yf gas.
26/06/2018 - Tyre Pressure Monitoring - New TPMS4 is available at RSD, we can now program new tyre pressure sensors to your car... Should one fail.

03/03/2018 - In a partnership with Castrol Oils, we have now become a Castrol Service Plus Centre. 
You may think oil is just oil, but would you put cheap inferior oil in your 20k, 30k or even 100k pride
and joy?? 

02/08/2017 - Adding to our range of new equipment, is our all singing and dancing Tyre Fitting Machine. With two power assist arms, to aid removal and fitting.

22/06/2017 - In this everyday changing world, we have had to add more diagnostic equipment.

15/10/2016 - Introducing our online Reminder Service for your MOT/Service. It's free all you need to do is add your own details, if you can't remember the date, then just add a note and RSD can do the rest for you. RSD Helping to keep you safe!

12/06/2016 - Emergency MOT?  Give us a call or book yourself in using our online booking system, simply click on the MOT logo at the top of the page. We are here to keep you safe and legal on the road.

17/05/2016 - The 4 new Citroen C1 Courtesy Cars have been delivered today!!
13/05/2016 - The Summer is finally here, so why not get your A/C sorted, to keep you cool?
25/02/2016 -  The new website is now live, check out the new MOT online booking system, and why not give it a try!

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